Patrick Madden - Project Manager

Patrick Madden is Starside’s Project Manager and serves as the point of contact with various government agencies.  At Starside, his responsibilities include formulating and enforcing work standards, managing the supervisor team, assigning schedules, overseeing task performance and quality assurance. Mr. Madden is also a client liaison and is involved in the hiring of our security professionals. Working with Starside’s Detention Services Division his responsibilities include day to day operations. His expertise includes security management for private and government entities, collaborating with senior management and government officials to communicate and advance security interests. Prior to joining Starside he was a seasoned law enforcement professional with over 30 years of experience in police and security services. Mr. Madden has over 20 years at NYPD as a police officer, trainer, hostage negotiator, certified investigator and expert witness he is a highly skilled security professional.  Mr. Madden was a first responder during 9/11 reassigned to the Emergency Service Unit and worked in conjunction with NYCFD and the Director for the security operation supporting FEMA disaster with the responsibility for securing the ground zero area.

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