Bert Carter, C.C.M. - Detention Services Division Director

Bert K. Carter, C.C.M. (Deputy Warden, retired), will function as The Director for Starside Security and Investigation’s Detention Services Division. Mr. Carter has been certified by the American Correctional Association (A.C.A.) as both a Certified Correctional Manager (C.C.M.) and as an ACA Auditor. Having over 25 years of correctional experience, he has worked in in all areas of corrections including Death Row, Mental Health, Transportation, Juveniles, Women’s Prison, Medical as well as being in charge of all operational departments in prisons. Mr. Carter served many times as the Incident Commander (or I.C.) during times of emergencies such as fires, riots and disturbances, and power outages. He also served as the Warden for weeks at a time during the absence of the Warden. In 2004, Mr. Carter was appointed to serve the federal agency titled the National Institute of Corrections in Longmont, Colorado as a Regional Field Coordinator. There he instructed all levels of security staff including Wardens, Sheriffs, Corrections Staff and many others nationally. The training he conducted was given to State, Federal and Private employees. In 2008 and 2009, Mr. Carter earned the privilege of serving as the Alumni Coordinator for the National Institute of Corrections Regional Field Coordinator Program.  Prior to Mr. Carter’s employment in the field of corrections, he served his country in the United States Army. His assignments included security in many countries including protecting the Panama Canal in Panama and the D.M.Z. in South Korea. Mr. Carter had a highly-decorated career and served as both an Infantryman and as a Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Warfare Specialist. Mr. Carter’s educational background includes an Associate Degree in Community Service and Corrections from Hocking College and a B.S. Degree in Organizational Management from Wilberforce.

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