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Today’s ever-growing crime rate and budget restraints leave law enforcement unable to provide adequate protective services. Private security is the only alternative in providing a uniformed presence to deter crime. Starside provides professional, highly trained and licensed uniformed armed and unarmed security guards. We hire the most qualified applicants and are veteran friendly company hiring a high percentage of former military and law enforcement personnel. Our security guards are a vital partner protecting people, property and information. All security staff are thoroughly screened and trained with a commitment to excellence. We subscribe to the principles of HONOR, RESPECT, DUTY and SERVICE.  We provide a professional uniformed security presence 24/7.

Starside Guard Services Include:

  • Armed and Unarmed Guards
  • Executive Protection
  • Workplace Security
  • Campus Security
  • Retail Security
  • Special Event Security
  • Medical Facility Security
  • Lobby Ambassadors
  • Patrol and Alarm Response
  • Strike/Labor Unrest Security
  • Loss Prevention

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Our team of security professional are available 24/7.

Patrol Services

Starside Security & Investigation, Inc. offers patrol services either in marked patrol vehicles or unmarked plain white vehicles. Starside’s patrol is perfomed by former military and former law enforcement officers. All of Starside’s patrol officers have graduated a police academy and are trained better than standing security officers. Patrol Officers are Starside’s first line Supervisors, which perform a post check on every stationary security account Starside has. These Officers also respond to client alarm calls and for emergency coverage should a client have an urgent need. Starside Patrol Officers respond to thousands of Alarm activations at major corporations, banks and ATM’s annually. Starside’s patrol services span NATIONWIDE.

Starside has agreements with major corporations to have Security Officers on location within four hours nationwide and twenty four hours internationally, often Starside has Security Professionals on location with a couple of hours. These officers fill in if a standing guard calls off or is on vacation.

Starside’s Patrol Officers visit each location that Starside has a Standing (Stationary) Uniformed Officer. Each visit to a location generates an evaluation and each evaluation is logged in a database and the Officers at the location are inspected much like a military inspection. All post checks are logged in a database and these evaluations are what management uses to give Security Officers merit increases and for advancement within Starside.

Patrol Officers are trained in the Security Officer Training Program and the following Additional Areas:

  • Driver Safety
  • Rules of the Road
  • State Vehicle Codes
  • Evasive Driving
  • Intro Executive Driving
  • Advanced Violence Prevention
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Scene Preservation (Intrmdt)
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Alarm Response
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness Use of Force Continuum

Services Patrol Officers perform during patrol hits:

  • Enforcement of trespassing, loitering and curfew violations.
  • Site searches for prowlers and suspicious activity (use of spot light illumination and foot patrol).
  • Issuance of parking violation notices.
  • Towing of vehicles (AZ, FL and CA in compliance with 22658(a) & 22658.2 of the Vehicle Code).
  • Navtrak: All of Starside’s Patrol vehicles are equipped with Navtrac. Among the newest technologies, Navtrak enables Starside to track our Patrol vehicles on and off your property, and the Security as a customer of knowing that your needs are being met in the most efficient (and least costly) way. Navtrak makes sure information is accurate and verifiable.

Combination of Services (Standing and Patrol) provides:

Starside Security & Investigation, Inc provides both services, unlike many Patrol Companies which sub-contract to Guard Companies for standing Guards, this ensures that our guards have instant communication with our Dispatchers and Roving Supervisors via Cellular Phone and radios.

Continuous communication between Guards and Supervisors gives our standing Guards immediate assistance should a problem arise.

Alarm Response

Truck patrol vehicleFor over twenty-five years, Starside has been providing nationwide alarm response service to both small and large businesses.

Our 24 hour dispatch will alert a Starside patrol officer in a marked vehicle to respond to your property immediately, when contacted by your alarm company. Starside’s vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices and all patrol officers utilize a company issued cell phone allowing for prompt communication.

A thorough check of your property will be completed by a Starside patrol officer trained in alarm response tactics. Our officers will exit the vehicle and perfrpom a detailed walk of the property, we will spend more time on your property than law enforcement is allowed due to budget and higher priority calls.

Our patrol officers will look for signs of suspicious activity, or vandalism, complete a perimeter check of the property and contact local law enforcement if needed. A detailed report of your property will be completed at the time of the alarm response and communicated according to client protocols.

Starside has responded to thousands of alarms and has long term clients that utilize our alarm response service. One case in point is a national financial institution. They contact Starside for alarm response service first, rather than law enforcement. Since Starside has provided the service, we are proud to report our client has not suffered an ATM loss. Starside’s alarm response service is not only a deterrent but is cost effective for your organization as many municipalities charge a fine for responding to false alarms. Contact a Starside representative today at (888) 478-2774.

Security Officers with Clearances

Starside offers Uniformed and Plain Clothed Former Law Enforcement Officers, Security Guards and Investigators with Security Clearances, Starside employs Security Professionals with all level of Security Clearances: Public Trust, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret (TS), TS SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) and TS SSBI (Single Scope Background Investigation). Starside is a Government Contractor and on the Federal Supply Schedule (GS-07-9400S). Due to the nature of clearances Starside can only provide the following:

This is the lowest level a Security Guard or Investigator or other employee of a Government contractor (Starside) can have to work at a Government facility providing protection, investigation or security. The Government has given permission to be on Government property Armed and the ability to handle sensitive, non-classified documents.
This level needs to be reinvestigated every fifteen years.*

This refers to material, which, if improperly disclosed, could be reasonably expected to cause some measurable damage to the national security. The vast majority of military personnel are given this very basic level of clearance.
This level needs to be reinvestigated every fifteen years.*

The unauthorized disclosure of secret information could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security.
This level is reinvestigated every ten years.*

Individuals with this clearance have access to information or material that could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security if it was released without authorization.
This level needs to be reinvestigated every five years.*

* Reinvestigations are more important than the original investigation because those individuals who have held clearances longer are more likely to be working with increasingly critical information.

Lobby Ambassadors

starside security phone bank officers

Starside Security & Investigation, Inc offers Lobby Ambassadors (Armed and Unarmed premium Security Officers) to corporate clients and highrise locations where a more professional attired Armed or Unarmed Security Officer is required. Lobby Ambassadors wear a Starside Corporate Blazer, Slacks and a Tie. Lobby Ambassadors are typically better Trained than Uniformed Security Officers and are typically deployed at Corporate Headquarters, Law Offices and Professional Buildings. Starside has Armed Off Duty Police Officers attired in Corporate Blazers to provide the utmost in protection. The Lobby Ambassadors are supervised by a Post Commander at the location that is directly accountable for the training and adherence to the Post Orders. Post Commanders often work during the Day shift to make sure while your business is open and excepting visitors the best possible image is portrayed. Off-Duty Police Officers are often assigned as Lobby Ambassadors when a workplace violence issue occurs. We replace the Lobby Ambassadors with highly trained Armed plain clothed Off-duty Police Officers.

Lobby Ambassadors are trained in the Starside Security Officer Training Program and the following Additional Areas:

  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Visitor Screening
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • High Rise Risk
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • First Aid
  • Terrorist Organizations
  • Bag Check
  • Equipment (Property) Passes
  • Back Pack Bomber Detection
  • Suspicious Package Handling
  • AED use (Billed to Client)

Starside has it’s own Firearms Training Facility (TFF 1279) and trains all armed and unarmed guards that are assigned to client locations.

Robbery Suppression Officers

Starside provides Armed Plain Clothed Robbery Suppression Officers (RSO) to Financial Institutions Nationwide. Starside deploys teams to cover the bank and to provides immediate backup should an incident occur, having another RSO also provides witnesses for criminal proceedings. Starside’ RSO’s are specially trained officers that have all graduated from a police academy and have worked on the streets as Police Officers on Patrol many responding to robberies after the fact. Starside seeks out the best RSO’s in the industry many serving on specialized units such as robbery, homicide, SWAT and intelligence units. All Starside’s Robbery Suppression Officers are trained by a recently retired Vice President of Security for a Major Financial Institution on the operation of a bank. Starside’s Operations Staff have attended bank related training to help get a better understanding of how a bank operates and what is normal best practices in the branch, vault or at call centers or mortgage centers. Starside’s CEO and Senior Management has attended Teller Training, Advanced Teller Training and New Accounts taught by the financial institutes it services.

Starside has worked with local and national banks and has consulted with smaller Financial Institutions on Branch Design, Bandit Barriers, Man Traps, CCTV, Alarms, Bait, Dye Packs and Electronic Tracking Devices. Starside maintains a database of Bank Robberies in areas adjacent to client locations and provides intelligence to bank security personnel on various security procedures.

For more information on Robbery Suppression please complete the form on our contact page.

K-9 Explosive Detection

Our Operations Staff is highly trained and experienced in Explosive Detection and Bomb Threat Management. In the explosive detection field, our Operations Staff, relies on K-9 Partners, “dogs”, to assist them in the detection of Explosives and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s).

Just as not all security officers are the same, not all explosive detection teams are the same. Starside, starts off, by using only European imported K-9’s, Yes this is more expensive then utilizing K-9’s from the U.S. however when choosing a working dog to be utilized for explosive detection Starside feels no expense should be spared to get the best.

Our K-9’s are first chosen based on temperament. We often work in and amongst crowds of people, it is important to have a K-9 which is comfortable and friendly around humans. Next is Drive. Drive to a K-9 is simply the desire to perform the job. In the explosive detection field this is simply the desire for the K-9 to search for the explosive; the desire to do the job, which for the K-9 is simply playing. The K-9 is playing a game of hide and seek they are looking for their toy. How would you like a job which is simply playing all day?

K-9All of Starside’s Explosive Detection K-9’s and handlers attend one of, if not the longest Explosive detection training courses available to both Law Enforcement and Private Sector. This training consists of 600 hours of training before they are allowed to attempt to certify in Explosive Detection. This training includes but is not limited to Explosive Recognition, Threat Assessments, Search Techniques, Hand Searches, Mail Room Screening, Bio, and Chemical Weapon Issues.

After training, the new team is certified through the same training group which trains and certifies numerous Governmental Explosive detection teams. When the team passes the test, they are allowed to perform searches and must maintain ongoing training, daily, monthly and recertify yearly.

An important part of Starside’s training policy and regiment is that only real true live explosives are used. Our K-9’s are not allowed near or around what are referred to as pseudo, or fake explosives as many explosive detection K-9’s are trained with. It is our feeling that our K-9’s and handlers when on a job are not looking for fake explosives so why train with fake explosives. You would not want to fly on a plane with a pilot who has only flown a simulator, why use a K-9, who can only detect simulated explosives.

After this initial training Starside’s Explosive Detection teams continue with nearly daily on going training and yearly recertification. To assure quality, Starside certifies their K-9’s by a third party to assure quality and non-biasness.

Starside’s Explosive Detection K-9’s train alongside of the Los Angeles and Orange County Sheriff’s Departments Bomb Squads, along with the FBI, Los Angeles, Explosive Detection K-9’s. We are the only private sector teams invited to do so.

Starside has deployed Explosive Detection K-9’s in situations were hundreds or thousands of people are gathering for an event such as Corporate Annual Stock Holder Meetings, Fundraisers Movie Premiers, Aviation Sector, and Music Video Shoots. Starside’s K-9 Division is manned by only the best K-9’s and handlers that have experience in both military and law enforcement.
With bomb threat management, Starside is able to assist businesses with the development and implementation of protocols and procedures in the event they receive a bomb threat, including the training of personnel in mail room screening, suspicious packages and other anti explosive training.

Our Operations Staff and their Partners “K-9’s” have been pre-screened by many U.S. Airline Carriers and can travel throughout the U.S. and the World to provide you with the safety and security knowing that the area you are in is clear of explosives. By pre-screening with the Airlines, “K-9’s” are able to fly with our staff at no additional charge. Starside can provide additional K-9’s for major events nationwide.

The Anatomy of a K-9 Explosive Search

We are often asked how is a search for explosives accomplished. What goes into the search? What can your Dogs actually find?

Starside Security’s K-9 Unit performs searches much differently then many if not all other Private Detection K-9 teams. Our process to complete the search begins at first contact with a client or a prospective client. First we obviously need to know what needs to be searched, and the reason for the search. In Addition we need to know the time frame in which we will have to complete the search.

The reason for this need of information is so that we can best successfully complete the search for you. We need to evaluate how many K-9’s will be needed, if we need any special equipment to complete the search, if the search is a covert or an overt search.

How does Starside Security conduct searches compared to other private companies?

A typical detection dog service will arrive at your location, ask what needs to be searched, then bring their K-9’s in and search what you request to be searched. Then it is back into the vehicle and away they go. At Starside Security, our searches begin the minute you contact us. As we will ask a series of questions to assist us in conducting a threat assessment on the search you are requesting. When the date comes for the actual search, Starside Security will arrive with the correct number of K-9 Teams to conduct the search in a most thorough manner.

Our handlers will first evaluate the location. They will search the location by hand utilizing various tools to look for and detect not only explosives but also other dangerous items which may injure the K-9’s and any humans. By searching by hand prior to utilizing a K-9, Starside Security is able to provide a more in depth search then what is conducted by other private security K-9 Teams.

How big of an area can a K-9 Search, or how long can a K-9 Search before they need a rest?

The area in which a K-9 can search is fully dependant on the environment in which the search is to be conducted, and is relevant to the time in which it takes the K-9 to thoroughly sniff all of the areas in which an explosive can be placed. In general a K-9 can continuously search for 20 to 40 minutes, with the ambient temperature and the humidity being the biggest factors. Too hot, or too cold, reduces their search time. It is very important for a handler to be able to recognize when a K-9 is no longer searching but only going through the motions. Due to the close relationship between K-9 and Handler, the K-9’s will try very hard to please their Explosive Detection Handler. The K-9’s know the Handlers want them to search so they will act as if they are, in an effort to make the Handler happy. At Starside Security, we train hard to be sure we can tell when our Explosive Detection K-9’s need a break.

What can your Explosive Detection K-9’s actually find? Humans? Drugs ? ?????

Starside Security’s Explosive Detection K-9’s are what is referred to as a Single Purpose K-9. They have one purpose and that is to detect explosives, nothing else. This is done for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is safety. Any K-9 which is able to detect drugs and explosives is a major safety problem. There is no way to tell if the K-9 has detected a Drug or an Explosive. If the handler were to think the K-9 detected drugs, when in fact it was an explosive, the handler could set the explosive off, when they were to open a package, or some other compartment.

Also to be sure our K-9’s are very friendly and sociable they are only trained in detection, they receive no training in biting or any aggressive behavior. This enables our handlers to concentrate solely on Explosive Detection training and also assures that our K-9’s can work in and around people with out any concern of aggressive behavior.

As far as explosives are concerned, Our Explosive Detection K-9 teams are able to detect 13 specific explosives. These explosives include both Commercial and Military grade explosives. We do not list the actual explosives due to security reasons. We do not wish the bad guys to know what we can locate.

Starside Security Explosive Detection K-9’s in addition to Explosives also have the ability to detect Firearms. This additional detection ability is due to the K-9 having the ability to detect gun powder.

And of course they are great at detecting food, so be careful where you leave your lunch or snack when our wonderful hardworking K-9’s are in the area.

How do you know if the Explosive Detection Team has located an Explosive?

Starside Security’s explosive Detection K-9’s alert their handlers with what is referred to as a passive alert. What this means is the K-9 alerts the handler of the presence of an explosive by a means other then aggressively scratching at, or biting at what contains the explosive. Again for safety reason the last thing you want is a K-9 which will touch an item which is thought to contain explosives.

Strike Security

Strike Security: Starside Security & Investigation, Inc. is a nationwide leader in providing Strike Security, Labor Relations consultation and training for in-house security forces. Starside deploys Tactical Officers, Documentation Teams and Off-Duty Police Officers. All of Starside Strike Support Officers (SSO’s) are specially trained in handling labor disputes, picket line security (what picketers can and can’t do), property protection, personal protection and labor relations and follow National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Guidelines to ensure we handle any labor situation you might be faced with.

Starside deploys a corporate executive and command staff in advance of the strike and deploys tactical response officers and a Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) to all labor actions. Starside has all equipment needed to setup a tactical command post and run the strike from that command post, often working with client’s corporate headquarters often in other states. Starside has state of the art video equipment that can be sent as it happens across the street or across the nation. All of Starside’s equipment is packed in Pelican cases ready for quick deployments. Starside has contracts with companies that have been giving strike notices and has officers available for immediate deployment nationwide.

Starside’s Strike Support Officers and Management team is comprised of former military, former law enforcement that has handled over 100 labor actions in the past 20 years. Starside’s COO Robert Coventry, CPP has personally managed more than 75 labor actions, (11 for the same client in 2011 — 2013) consulted with companies that have experienced strikes lasting from 1 day to over 19 months. Strikes handled have ranged from small companies to multinational conglomerates.

Starside’s provides a Step-by-Step guide to help management prepare, prior to, during and after the strike to ensure our clients can maintain operations with minimal inconvenience to workers, managers, vendors and customers that cross the picket line and provide safety and security to everyone. Starside has recently handled walkouts, lockouts, work stoppage, and strikes.

Starside provides both highly visible tactical security officers, with marked security patrol vehicles and plain clothed executive protection specialists that work with local law enforcement labor relations liaison to develop a protection program that is safe and cost effective. Starside is a locksmith company (LOC 8469) to change locks, rekey and combination changes to protect company assets.

Special Event Security

Starside’s Event Security Specialists have the resources to cover any variation of special event. Starside’s staff has the ability to cover events nationwide 24/7. We are contracted with major corporations and government entities to be anywhere in the country within hours. From political conventions to sporting events, awards shows and entertainment events, to political rallys and product introduction galas and other major corporate marketing events, Starside’s Event Security Specialists provide unparalleled safety, security, and peace of mind.

For security at corporate events and other occasions, Starside Security focuses on advance planning, threat assessment and event crowd control; and when necessary, emergency response with an on-site EMT. Management is fluent with understanding and planning the event security process when working with the client. Our personnel are trained to be civil and professional, while assuring the safety and security of event performers, speakers and attendees.

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