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pay to stay self pay jail program los angeles caThe Baldwin Park Jail facility has 2 holding cells and a 16-bed capacity. Starside Security & Investigation, Inc., a private correctional firm, operates the jail facility, under the oversight of a Police Lieutenant. The facility is staffed by trained custody personnel and supervised by a Starside Jail Manager. The Jail is a type 1 facility and meets every requirement set forth by the Board of Corrections.

Baldwin Park Jail

Normally, inmates in the Baldwin Park jail are cited and released on misdemeanor charges or held until their arraignment on felony charges then transferred to a county jail facility.

The Baldwin Park City Jail offers several programs to the community.

The Self-Pay Inmate Program: is an alternative to serving a sentence in County Jail. With the permission of the sentencing Court, men may select to serve their sentence in the Baldwin Park City Jail, in three ways:

• Sentences are served on consecutive days, to include weekends.
• Sentences are served on weekends.
• Some inmates will qualify for the Work Furlough Program. This is an opportunity for men to work or attend school in the community while serving their sentence at night and on weekends. Inmates who are allowed to participate in this program will be released from the jail at 6:00 AM and will return to the jail at 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. Work Furlough is a privilege that is granted only by the sentencing judge. While in this program, inmates will be monitored via a GPS device.

If you are interested in applying for the Self-Pay programs, contact the Jail Manager at (626) 813-5298.

To inquire about visiting hours or inmate status you may call the Baldwin Park jail at 626 960.1955 ext. 444.

To inquire about inmates located in a Los Angeles County detention facility please call 213 473.6080 or visit http://app4.lasd.org/iic/ajis_search.cfm.

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