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Starside’s Chief Operations Officer and Licensee Robert Coventry, CPP is “Board Certified” in security management and has been a Certified Protection Professional since 1999.   He is one of only 9,000 Security Professionals with the CPP Credential.  Mr. Coventry is a licensed Qualified Manager in California, holding both a Private Patrol Operator License and a Private Investigators License in addition to a security company license and Private Investigation company license in Florida and Texas.  He also holds a Security Contractors License in Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming and is authorized to work in Colorado, Idaho and Nebraska. Mr. Coventry is also licensed as a locksmith in California.

He has run the day to day operations of a multinational Security & Investigative Firm since 1987, after leaving the United States Army’s 101st Airborne (Air Assault) division. He has nationwide and international security consultant experience in almost every state, Durban, South Africa prior to the World Cup, and numerous cities in Mexico, he has consulted in France, United Kingdom, Canada, and the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Coventry sits on multiple Advisory Board’s: California State University, Fullerton’s Certificate program in Private Investigation and Security, Grossmont College Adult Corrections Academy and California Career College’s Security & Homeland Security Certificate Program. He also runs a California Firearms Training Academy (TFF1279).

He is a Court Qualified` Expert in Use of Force, Negligent Hiring and Retention, Training and Security Guard Management.  He has testified in Federal cases and in numerous cases in California (Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Francisco, San Diego and Imperial Counties, Arizona (Maricopa County) and Florida (Orange County) he also has consulted with Attorneys nationwide giving an opinion on Use of Force, Deadly Force and Security Guard Management, Negligent Hiring and Negligent Retention, Training of security guard in numerous cases.

Mr. Coventry has trained more than 3,000 security officers, military and law enforcement personnel in the use of force, force continuum and the escalation and de-escalation of force. He has also trained hundreds of security supervisors in security guard management, officer safety use of force and incident reporting. He consults with many security companies around the nation keeping then in compliance with training and refresher training requirements.

Expertise includes:

Use of Force Excessive Force / Deadly Force
Mall Security Workplace Violence
Bar / Lounge / Nightclub Security Negligent Retention and Supervision
Hospital Security Negligent Hiring
Special Event Security Citizens Arrest (Private Party Arrest)
Labor (Strike) Security Security Training / Recurring Training
Security Patrol Procedures Security Assessments
Use of Force Continuum Proprietary Guard Cards
Appropriate Level of Force Public Venue Security


Positional Asphyxia

Mr. Coventry is paramount in training Security Officers, Detention Officers, Jailers and Police Officers in the dangers of Positional Asphyxia.  Mr. Coventry has taught the “Rescue Position” for restrained individuals.

Positional Asphyxia can occur in a matter of minutes, although hypoxic endurance varies, a restrained person can lose consciousness in as little as 40 seconds and die within a few minutes at ambient oxygen levels as low as 4-6%.  The time that death occurs are greatly decreased if the restrained individual has risk factor including:

Alcohol consumption, drug use, obesity heart problems (such as an enlarged heart) and other medical issues.  Some of the contributing medical factors might not be know to the restrained individual and to the police officer.

Asphyxia deaths, can be minimized in custody if officers and jailers are properly trained.














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